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Electric Kettle JK-38

Electric Kettle JK-38

Item No. Electric Kettle JK-38

1.Inner flask: S/S304, one-piece, weldless; Outside Housing: grand new food grade plastic

2. Scald proof: when water boils, outside temperate is only about 40℃, safe to use

3. Swing handle and magsafe lid, confortable to use.                                                                                  

4. Elegant design, fine workcraft, matt finish housing, proof of fingermarks

5. UK Strix thermocontrol, Auto shut off upon boiling

6. 360°cordless operation; big spout, easy to clean

7. Capacity: 0.6L; AC220V, 1350W

ECO friendly, more energy and water saving

8. Available working with Kinhao welcome tray JF999D, JF329+JF328, JF329SC etc.

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