Safebox by Safeplace- Solid Compact

Safeplace Solid electronic safes combine innovative design with the latest security features for an affordable electronic guestroom safe.

Safeplace’s Solid in-room safes feature large, red LED display with visual feedback and illuminated keypad for safe operation. Solid can be supplied with left or right opening and comes in two optional colors – black or pale gray – for sleek immersion into the room’s décor. Solid safes include a low-battery indicator and an optional power outlet for laptop recharging with two laptop compatible sizes.

Its security features include automatic sleep mode after five incorrect codes are entered and a 500-event audit trail record.

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Solid Safe Features:

  • Red LED display with visual feedback for enhanced usability
  • Illuminated keypad for enhanced usability
  • Right and left hinging: standard left and right opening that fits any room design and location
  • Optional colors: Black or pale gray – to fit the guest room décor
  • ADA compliant (Raised dot on # 5)
  • Ready for future software upgrades
  • 3 easy to use  steps for locking and opening of the safe, with directions on top of the safe
  • Relock option using only one button for easy use
  • Low battery indicator– visual alert on the LED display
  • Easy battery level check by one quick action
  • Sleep mode after five incorrect codes
  • IR (Infrared) communication with UltiMax and SpareKey Service Units for safe override, power backup, safe installation, “non common codes” definition, follow-up recent activities and more
  • 500 audit records tracking recent actions performed in the safe, increasing hotel and guest security.
  • Interior carpet for protection of guest belongings
  • Low cost maintenance and minimum energy with use of 5 AA batteries
  • Safe security anchoring options: to the wall, shelf or furniture
  • Compatible with Pedestal– Safeplace offers a Pedestal if the room has no shelf, closet or other place to install the safe. The pedestal offers an easy installation location at a comfortable height for easy use of the safe.
  • Compatible to different laptops sizes


Unique Security Features

  • Flash memory– All codes and vital information are safely stored on a Flash Memory Chip, and cannot be lost if batteries are low or have been replaced.
  • Anti Tamper Labyrinth prevents access and manipulation of the internal mechanism and electronics, offering an additional security feature to your hotel room.
  • Solid electronic safe and service units are programmed for a specific property. There is no universal tool which can be used in other hotels.
  • Easy safe programming– DIY without the need of third party. Only you know the internal password and the features you selected.  This provides a higher security level for the hotel, cruise ship, university, etc.
  • Audit Trail– Reports important information, up to 500 latest events stored with time and date. If and when a guest claim appears, it enables you to identify users and actions made in the safe at each moment. The events can be viewed and printed using the UltiMax or stored on file for later printing.
  • Unique mechanism structure enhances the safe protection against physical intrusion.
  • External power backup.