Door Lock – S4032

The inducing zone use the integrated and fashionable LCD screen

The door lock use the complete 304 stainless steel material with strong shock resistance,moisture proof and abrasion resistance

The PCB adopt the waterproof design and the quality is stable and reliable

The LCD screen can show:“welcome”,room number,date,time,weekday.moreover battery status and wrong operation indication

Suitable door thickness:32 to 70 mm

1.Interface with most of the PMS systems,Fildelio/opera registered!

2.It can compatible with Orbita wireless portable programmer,the data collecting and download the records

3.CE & FCC Certified!

4.RF Temic card,Mifare 1 card,Ultra-light card are optional,mechanical key and compatible with its own energy saver.

5.The ANSI standard 5 Latches and it combination design with guard against latch bolt and abnormal of the latch bolt,double security,reliable and stable.

6.Low Battery Voltage warning

7.Set up the the operators’ rights by the lock software and save the large capacity openning records

8.Power saving design and the batteries duration over 1 year

9.Polish surface with PVD vacuum technology and it enhance effectively the life time of the lock surfcae

10.Lost guest card suspension simply by issuing a new guest card with suspending function

11.self Error detecting by LED and “beep”

12.Improper Lock warning

13.Passage funtion available